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Individual Relationship Therapy

Individual Relationship Therapy

What is individual relationship therapy?


Individual relationship therapy is about helping you to understand and work through how both current and previous relationships in your life have affected you.  Therapy usually focuses on exploring relationships with family members, friends, partners and work colleagues, to understand what the ‘patterns’ are in these relationships and how and why they impact you. You may wish to have therapy if you are in a current relationship, or if you are single.   During the therapy you will be helped to explore any difficulties or concerns you may have and also to reflect on what part or role you may have in these relationships.  Overtime, the therapy will enable you to develop a richer understanding of your relationships.  It is then possible to work out a way forward which can help you to improve your well-being. 


How can it help?


Individual relationship therapy can help you to: 


  • Work through experiences of anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, trauma or loss;

  • Understand and work through early life experiences; 

  • Understand and help you to change patterns of relating with family, friends, social and work related groups; 

  • Understand and help you to make positive changes in relationships with intimate partners;

  • Understand and make changes to issues affecting your sexual activity;

  • Work through experiences of bereavement and loss;

  • Understand and work through your experiences when a relationship ends;

  • Work through issues arising from infidelities; and

  • Understand and navigate safely through on-line relationships.



How will I work with you?

  • This is a talking therapy. I will offer you a safe, confidential non-judgemental space to explore your relationships; 

  • We will work on the issue you want to bring. As I am qualified in several different therapy modalities (psychodynamic, psychosexual, person-centred) I will combine skills and approaches from these  different types of therapy to suit the unique circumstances you may bring, so that the therapy is tailored to you;

  • Sessions usually take place weekly at the same time, although there is some flexibility for those working shifts for example;

  • Therapy may be short-term, brief, focused therapy, or a longer term open-ended therapy

Interested in discussing more?

  • Please get in touch to start an initial consultation process. 

  • You can talk about the concerns or problems that have led you to consider therapy in a safe, confidential setting;

  • I will ask questions about your history and current situation;

  • You can ask questions about the counselling process;

  • Then we can think about how best to proceed. If we agree that working together is a good next step, we will arrange a regular time to meet and discuss whether our work will be brief, and focused on specific issues or a longer term therapy;

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Contact me

I'm always happy to connect. I’ll try to respond within 48 hours and I’ll always try to help. 

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